NC 212 Training Program

Silabus Pilot Training


    Course Title : NC-212 PILOT TYPE RATING COURSE
    Course Duration : Approximately 6 weeks

    • 2 Weeks Ground School
    • 10 Hours Flight Training/Pilot

    Number of Trainees : 6 Pilots, 2 Flight Enginner
    Course Description:

    This course is designed specifically for aircraft pilots possessing current F.A.A Certificates with appropriate Ratings or equivalent Licenses issued by a foreign regulatory agency.

    The course begin with ground instruction, introduction to the NC-212 aircraftand understanding the, description, limitations and operation of the aircraft to meet their knowledge how to fly the aircraft properly, safety to meet the requirements of flight safety standards. Then continued with practice and flight manuverers of NC-212 aircraft.

    Course Prerequisities :

    This course is designfor Ab-initio Pilots who will be responsible Flying CASA-212 of transition pilot possessing current FAA certificate with appropriate rating or equivalent licenses issued by a foreign regulatory agency.

    • Groung School:

      Successful completion of the course will enable the qualified aircraft pilot to conversion to the model NC-212 aircraft with comprehensive knowledge of the aircraft system and components and through understanding of the opreational characteristics and flight limitations.

    • Flight Training:

      To ensure complete knowledge of the current model NC-212 flight manua, to demonstrate and practice an flight manuever and to establish proficency and safety in every phase of flight.


    Course Title : NC-212 PILOT TYPE RATING COURSE
    System : AMASCOS
    Member of Trainees : 6 Pilots, 2 Tacco, 2 Flight Enginer Requirement
    Qualification : Pilot and Navigator Experience
    Duration :
    • Groung School : 1 Week ( 40 Hours)
    • Flight Training : 2 Weeks (2 Flight Hours/Trainee

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