Indonesian Aerospace provides training course for pilot and technician who operate and maintain Indonesian Aerospace aircrafts products.

Customer Training develops and conducts training needed by customer for the aircraft and helicopter produced by Indonesian Aerospace or the similar product, so that the customer could operate and maintain the aircraft in accordance with the manufacturer's procedures.

To give satisfaction to customer, we also provide facilities as follows:

  • Air-conditioned classrooms for 12-16 students
  • Training aids room
  • Multimedia room
  • Instructor with experience in his field specialties
  • Library room
  • Reference manuals
  • Video film training program
  • Student restroom
  • Local transportation to/from hotel during training days
  • Sight seeing for students stays more than 2 weeks

Indonesian Aerospace has three categories of training, for example:

  1. Operation Training
    Before the aircraft handed over to customer, the pilot and aircrew should have familiarization in operating the aircraft. There are several types of training are as follows:
    • Initial pilot type rating
    • Recurrent pilot training
    • Maintenance pilot tests
    • Instructor pilot
    • Air load master
    • Cabin attendances
    • Flight dispatchers
    • Flight mechanic or flight engineer
  2. Maintenance Training
    Customer Training also provides training for the maintenance of the aircraft. The training consists of class room and OJT (On the Job Training / aircraft visit). The types of training are as follows:
    • General system familiarization (for management and other support personnel).
    • Line maintenance training for: airframe & engine line maintenance, avionics, electrical & autopilot line maintenance.
    • Intermediate maintenances for: engine, propeller, periodical inspection, engine run-up, swing compass, vendor components.
    • Tracking and balancing.
  3. Special Training
    Customer training department also provide special training which needed by customer, for example: supervisor maintenance, refresher course.

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